Valid until 04/02/2022
Guests can get FOR FREE (if they are staying in rented accommodation more than 3 nights) the following off piste with Evolution 2 - it's a MEGA OFFER!!
🏂OFF PISTE CLINICS -  for beginners worth 79€ any day 9-1
🚠ALL MOUNTAIN COURSE - new to off piste worth 225€ Mon-Wed 9-1 or any consecutive 4 days with min 4 people
❄️Ski Tour or Splitboard initiation day!
⚠️Must be novice level⚠️
For any people with experience (we don't mean expert they just need to be able to bet down off piste) they can opt and pay for
❄️OFF PISTE CLINIC experienced 79€ 9-1 or 1-5
❄️🏂 OFF PISTE DAYS experienced 110€
VB in private 2 guests per guide 420€
Also free until Feb 4th â€¼ï¸
⛷ ALL adult group courses (beginner and inter ski)  traditionally Mon- weds but we can make a 3 day course  starting any day if they are 4 people